Beneficial Newsletter – May 2023

Employee Spotlight


Todd Robertson – Assistant Project Manager

If you work at Beneficial, or have worked with us, there’s a pretty good chance you know Mr. Todd Robertson. He’s known for his easy-to-be-around nature. Recently, in our Company Meeting, it was announced that Todd was promoted to Assistant Project Manager. It’s been so exciting to watch Todd’s journey, and it’s going to be even more exciting to see what he accomplishes in this new position. Benny interviewed him recently, see the interview below.

How did you find out about Beneficial and when did you start working here?
Well, how I found out was infamous, I will label it as a “restaurant story”. An employee from Beneficial was in a restaurant in Palmyra, where I live. We were having a conversation and she was talking to people who were sitting around. She asked what I did for a living and I told her I was an electrician. She said, “We need one of those!” So, it was really, what you call, “dumb luck.” I was just in the right place at the right time.

What were your first impressions of Ron and Melissa?
Me, being out in the field, construction-wise, coming into an office setting, was intimidating. Ron and Melissa were very professional. Come to find out, Ron had previously worked with, or for, the person that I was working with. We had a little bit of a connection there. And of course, Melissa is very easy to get along with.

What’s been your favorite memory working here so far?
When I first started, it was pretty interesting. I started in February, and I got married in March. I came in one day and they had a cake and party and I had only been here a month. So, that was a great welcome. There are so many great memories from working here. Just getting to know everybody, everybody here is great.

What is the funniest thing that has happened during work hours?
I really can’t pick one thing. So, I will go with Ron’s constant attempt to become a stand-up comedian with an unrelenting supply of “DAD” jokes.

You were recently promoted to Assistant Project Manager; how do you feel about taking on this new level of responsibility?
I’m very excited about it. When I was out in the field, I managed crews and whatnot. I’m the type of person that likes to be “hands-on.” It is the same when I go to these sites. I have a lot of conversations with site personnel, and you can tell a lot by having a conversation with somebody. Being in the field you have that tie to them and they respect you enough to perform the job the way it should be done, and do it right. So I know when we go out to do a final startup on our product, we’ve had our hands on it the entire time.

Do you have any advice for those of us who haven’t worked at Beneficial for very long?
Just keep doing what you are doing. As long as you do your job and what’s expected of you, it’s pretty easy-going. This is a very nice, family-orientated, and safe place to work.

Benny the Beneficial Bee Sponsors a Hole at Golf Tournament!

Did you know Benny is a huge fan of the outdoors? He may live in the Beneficial Systems building but he spends as much time outside as possible.

He was excited about a recent sponsorship opportunity. The T2G/Nitro Elite Softball team hosted a golf tournament, where Benny sponsored a hole.

Fun Fact: one of the very talented players is the daughter of Leigh Anne Foster!


Teresa’s Corner— Life Hacks, Organization Tips, & Tech Short Cuts

While learning about different organizational styles, I ran across different ‘Cleaning’ styles. This was a new thought for me. What was so interesting about this is, you no longer have to clean the way you were taught but the way that works for you and your lifestyle and schedule. Out of the list below, what is your style, or rather, what would work for you better? Are you a combination of styles?

Weekend Warrior – Completes everything in one day Daily Speed Cleaning – Quick speed cleaning multiple times during the day Zone Cleaner – One AREA per day. Ex: Monday-Bathroom; Tuesday- Bedroom Task Master – One TASK per day. Ex: Mon – Vacuum; Tues – Dusting; etc

For more on this, check out a great video from ‘Clutterbug’

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