BuildBeneficial Systems works hand-in-hand with both our partners and clients to build complete and efficient fuel and fleet management systems.

With over three decades of family-owned tradition and experience in the commercial fueling industry, we know exactly how to get the perfect fleet fueling system built for your company.  Whether you need a brand new site built or an upgrade to your preexisting site, you can rest easy knowing that Beneficial Systems is closely watching over the building process for you.

From the gravel under the tank to the back office equipment, Beneficial is your complete fuel systems solution.

At Beneficial Systems, our build philosophy is the old carpenter’s adage, “measure twice, cut once.”  As a result, we firmly believe that our clients should expect nothing less than fast, accurate installations, which will get them “up and pumping” as quickly as possible.  With an expansive commercial product portfolio, decades of experience under our tool belts and a focus in the electrical wiring field, our clients can feel safe knowing that we work with nothing but the best materials and safety is always on our minds.

Proper site wiring makes an immense difference, and it’s our expertise.

As the electronic and digital components of fuel systems become more advanced and important to a system’s overall operation, it’s becoming increasingly vital that your fueling sites are wired as correctly and effectively as possible.  Our decades of fuel system wiring experience has primed us to ensure that our clients will be able to avoid a number of potential electrical issues, during a time in which the fueling industry is rapidly becoming more and more digitally focused.

By working with us on your next fueling site upgrade or installation, you will be uniquely positioned to add state-of-the-art electronic equipment to your fueling infrastructure and feel confident that your site is wired as safely as possible.  To be specific, our electrical expertise allows us to:

  • Ensure consistent electrical installation quality.  We make it a point to label each panel circuit, the origin of each conductor and all other major components, in order to create an easily understood and maintained electrical system.
  • Evaluate preexisting electrical systems to identify code violations, diagnose current system problems or identify issues that may hinder a site’s ability to accept new technology.
  • Identify and correct any spots in preexisting wiring systems that may create problematic electrical interference, including issues induced by unwanted ground currents or harmonics.
  • Audit and alter current fueling systems to alleviate any electrical problems that may create potential safety issues.  This includes ensuring that all currents are properly “grounded.”
  • Assess your current system’s level of electromagnetic and radio interference, and then take corrective action to reduce it.  This is integral for companies that rely on most forms of digital communication.
  • Install surge suppression packages that can greatly reduce the chance of atmospheric electrical conditions (such as lightning storms) or other emergencies from damaging your equipment.
  • Train your staff or site personnel regarding proper site maintenance, safety, and typical operating procedures.


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