Beneficial Newsletter – May 2022

Meet more Beneficial Employees

Sarah Keaton – Service Associate

Sarah is from Midlothian, Virginia where she was born and raised. She was part of the medical field for fifteen years, drug testing and OCC Health, and more recently moved into the radio business. She recorded commercials, wrote ad copy, and co-hosted The Trading Post show. An adventure and experience Sarah will never forget. She won our hearts with her exceptional customer service skills and her genuine kindness.

Sarah loves living on 100-acres, home to her eight cats, two dogs, and 40 chickens!! She has a huge heart for animals, loves listening to music, loves to sing, dance, make jokes, and spend time with her nieces and nephews. Sarah is engaged to her middle school sweetheart, Eric.

She is very excited to continue learning about THIS industry and working at Beneficial!
Welcome, Sarah.

Jon Emerson — Service Associate

Jon lives in Amelia, VA with his family of four. He joined the service team the same week as Sarah, and they have been soaking up as much industry knowledge as they can. Jon comes from a technical background and enjoys tinkering and taking things apart only to put them back together. We are excited to see how he can bring his technical expertise and help our team to grow.

Jon enjoys music, movies, family, history, sciences, physics, and YouTube videos. Jon has been playing the guitar for 27 years and loves to write and record his own music. He lives by the motto, “The day we stop learning is the day we start dying.” Welcome, Jon!


Teresa’s Corner— Life Hacks, Organization Tips, & Tech Short Cuts

Do you find that you have too much clutter in your home, office, car?? I keep hearing that everything has to have a ‘Home’ and while I agree with that, I was finding that the clutter was still a problem. Then someone pointed out that (if you do indeed have homes for things) all of the things laying around are NOT the problem WHAT?! Let me explain. She went on to say that it’s all of the things that are STUFFED in the drawers, cabinets, desks, etc. that is the real problem. Why is that? Because, then it becomes too difficult to put the stuff that you use all the time back in its home. Solution? Purge/Reduce your inventory of all the hidden things, then you will have room for your Daily/ Weekly items…they will no longer be homeless!

COMMAND HOOKS: This year I have been introduced to 3M Command Hooks. For Renters, or those that just don’t want to create more holes in the walls, these work great. I use them on the INSIDE of my cabinet door to hold my measuring cups/spoons. In my Living Room by my door to hold each set of keys. Also, on the front door to hold decorations…Loving them! They come in different weight restrictions. Choose the best one for your project.

DECLUTTERING: Don’t know where to start? How about grabbing a trash bag? Walk around your, house, office, car and just throw away TRASH… Next time, grab a bag and just fill it with things you want to donate. Try not to get overwhelmed. The more you get used to removing unnecessary items that are cluttering up your place, the easier it will be with the bigger things. Baby Steps!


Sentara Martha Jefferson Cancer Center

In honor of Peggy Jo Robertson, a donation of $7,000 was made to Sentara Martha Jefferson Cancer Center. Todd Robertson (Project Assistant), Killian Donnelly, and their family hosted their 2nd Annual golf tournament to raise the money for the Cancer Center. Their donation will be put towards wigs and head scarves for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Beneficial Systems was pleased to be a part of another successful fundraiser.


PEI Executive Vice President, Jason Blake, Visits Beneficial Systems

Beneficial Systems had the pleasure of hosting Jason Blake, PEI Executive President, back in April. This was the first time that our entire team was together in TWO years! Since changing our office schedules to accommodate COVID procedures, everyone’s schedules have varied. Some work in the office every day, some are hybrid working both in the office and from home, others work remotely every day. We flew Lisa in from Maine and Sarah L. drove up from South Carolina! Our staff enjoyed a luncheon where Jason politely answered all of our questions. Topics of discussion ranged from the future of PEI to the industry’s outlook on electric powered vehicles and the infrastructure to support them. We even asked him if he liked working with Ron, who is serving as PEI President this year. I bet you can’t guess what his answer was…

A special thanks to Jason for visiting and to Heather DeShetler and Melissa Coleman for their
hard work getting our office ready and arranging the food and decorations for the luncheon.

Melissa’s Promising Pineapple

Melissa Coleman (Administration Assistant) has quite the green thumb and we are impressed. Melissa and her daughter, Gillian, decided to plant the top of a store bought pineapple. They had to repot it multiple times as it outgrew each pot and she continued to move it inside or outside depending on the weather. This labor of love has taken three years but Melissa has successfully grown a pineapple in Amelia, VA!


Ron Sledd Publishes Article for PEI

PEI regularly publishes their PEI journal filled with tips on safe practices, industry news, member profiles, and the latest petroleum equipment. The 2nd quarter journal featured an article written by Ron Sledd (Co-President). The article, “Can You Hear Me Now?” touches on living in a world of distraction and an overabundance of information. He gives useful tips on actively listening, something that we all could benefit from. To read the full article, click here!

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