Beneficial Newsletter – May 2020

Employee Spotlight

George Tarter —Service Associate

George is responsible for scheduling preventive maintenance for our customers. He keeps the customer informed as to when and what maintenance will be performed, adjusting schedules to coincide with needs of the site. He also works with our team to determine the true nature of service requests, whether or not they require immediate attention, and ensures service requests have been completed. In addition, he serves as lead on special projects.

George recently moved to Virginia, from Upstate NY, to live closer to family. Prior to moving, he was employed for 17 years with a hospital as a database administrator. George likes to go horseback riding, camping, and he can cook a mean breakfast!

Lube and Vacuum Systems

Beneficial Systems currently has three lines for lubrication dispensing equipment: Graco, Lincoln, and Samson. Whether buying lubrication products in 5-gallon, 16-gallon, 55-gallon, or filling bulk tanks, there are always options for dispensing that save time and money. From hand operated pumps, to pneumatic systems that cover entire shops with retractable hose reels, we can design, build, and maintain a system that best suits your needs and budget.

In addition to the lubrication dispensing systems, these same style of pumps and hose reels are available for products such as windshield wash solvent, antifreeze and DEF. We have added vacuum systems to our line to help keep trucks clean. The central vacuum systems use hose reels, like those of the fluid reels, which we can mount on the same bracket. Standalone and weatherproof units are also available. Inventory control systems are available to keep a tight lid on fluid expenses. These systems allow pumps to dispense a preset amount of fluid based on employee PIN, vehicle number, a work order number, invoice, or any combination of these. These systems are also compatible with many accounting software programs.

Safety is a factor many people are unaware of when it comes to designing these systems. There are pressures that need to be considered when choosing what materials and equipment are to be used in the design. We have over 30 years of experience designing, building, and maintaining lubrication dispensing systems, and we are happy to help in any way we can to be sure you get the system that best suits your needs.

Beneficial Partners with Power Integrity!

Beneficial Systems recently partnered with Power Integrity to build a custom control panel. This all-inclusive unit is for power distribution, surge protection, and relay isolation.

The unit also houses the submersible pump (STP) controller. The panel is designed to safely lock out the fueling components without having to access the interior. It has also been equipped with active run lights to ease troubleshooting.

Cleaning Your Equipment

We reached out to two manufacturers to get their suggestions on how to keep heavily used equipment clean during the pandemic. The #1 rule is to avoid using bleach as it can be harmful to the equipment. They suggest that you use a microfiber cloth and a mild soap for all electronic equipment such as an Automatic Tank Gauge or Fuel Island Terminal. Dampen the cloth with soap and water and gently clean the surface. To disinfect, use a 70-90% isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol) on the unit in the high touch areas. Do not spray cleaning solutions directly on to the equipment.

For more durable equipment, such as nozzles, spray the disinfectant onto all areas that are touched frequently. Leave it on for five minutes. Gently wipe clean. Make sure that employees wash their hands for 20 seconds after cleaning the equipment.

Of course, it is always good practice to refer to the operations manual for instruction on how to properly clean each piece of equipment.

COVID-19 Craziness

Many of us are adjusting to the new normal that was forced upon us by the arrival of COVID-19, whether we like it or not! Employees working from home, students participating in virtual learning, isolation, and many other adjustments to our old normal. At Beneficial, we have followed all the CDC guidelines to keep our employees safe and protect our partners and customers.

Some of our team are working from home and some of them are going into the office. We are fortunate that we are considered an essential business and are able to remain in full operation. However, the downside is that we are a family and not being able to see each other has taken its toll on all of us. Video conferencing is just not the same!

Although we miss each other, everyone has tried to remain positive during the pandemic. Malinda worked in our Benny the Bee costume, Robin came in with pink hair, and Ricky cooked for all the staff at the office. We have shared our fun homemade mask pictures with each other. Chris, Alex, and George have made the best of their makeshift at home offices. To be truthful, it might be hard to get some of our employees to return to the office!

Over time, we have built close relationships with our customers. In this environment of heightened health concerns, please be assured that you and your families are in our thoughts. On behalf of the entire team here at Beneficial and our nationwide network of partners, we thank you for your patience and loyalty. We will never take it for granted.

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