Beneficial Newsletter – May 2018

New Team Member

Beneficial Systems has added a new member to our Projects Team. Richard “Ricky” May is a Project Manager and brings over thirty years of electrical experience with him. Richard has his Master Electrician certification for the state of Virginia, as well as North Carolina.

In his younger years he started as a field electrician at a nuclear facility. As his experience grew, he moved through the ranks as an electrical foreman, contract coordinator, quality control supervisor, and company president. Ricky has a strong background in electrical and instrumentation controls, design, and controls migration. We look forward to incorporating his innovative spirit in the world of fuel management systems.

When he is not working, Ricky spends time with this wife of 25 years, Sylvia, and his son, Trevor. They stay busy tending to their 15 acre farm and their many animals. To relax, Ricky takes his motorcycle for a spin to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Virginia. When asked about his greatest accomplishment, he said, “As a father I have had the greatest blessing of not only seeing the birth of my son but having the joy of watching him grow from day one into the man that he has become. Father/Son discussions have been deeply rooted within me. He has made me very proud to see how far his journey has brought him to date. He is also pursuing an Electrical based career that has brought myself much success in this field and environment.” Welcome to the team, Ricky!

Preventive Maintenance

In an industry that has so many pieces of equipment, harsh environments, and constantly changing variables – proactiveness is key. Preventative maintenance is becoming more important as equipment is getting older, ULSD continues to wreak havoc on equipment, and labor prices continue to increase. Having a site inspection plan in place allows you to find an issue and fix it before it turns into a costly problem. Below is a list of recommended maintenance items.

  • Verify that all hanging hardware (nozzle, hose, breakaway, and swivel) are working properly and not leaking
  • Check dispenser sumps and containment areas to ensure they are dry
  • Check all gaskets and fasteners on lids to ensure seals are still in place
  • Manually stick the tank with water finding paste (For sites with ASTs, use proper safety equipment)
  • Pull bottom samples to visually check fuel quality
  • Check DEF equipment, specifically looking for damage or leaks
  • Verify that tank monitor keypad and display are serviceable
  • Check for any tank monitor alarms
  • Pressure wash tanks, dispensers, and fuel lanes
  • Change dispenser filters
  • Use card cleaners and clean out the magnetic strip area of card reader


  • Make sure all hose reels retract and latch
  • Check hoses on reels for excessive wear
  • Check for fluid leaks at hose reels
  • Ensure all vacuum reels turn on vacuum motor when pulled out
  • Ensure all airline oilers have oil and filters are drained
  • Ensure meters have good displays
  • Check for leaks at control valves and meters
  • Check condition of hoses and non-drip tips on control valves and meters
  • Check pumps for air and fluid leaks
  • Check dispensing speed of pumps and adjust regulators accordingly
  • Ensure proper operation of waste oil pump solenoids
  • Ensure adequate suction on waste oil pumps
  • Test overflow prevention devices on fresh and waste oil
  • Ensure tank gauges are accurate
  • Check for leaks in fill and evacuation pipes

EPA Sump Regulations Uncover Need for Repairs

As regulations change and equipment ages, the fuel industry is finding that many secondary containment sumps (tank, dispenser, and transition) are failing. The head of service for one of the largest petroleum retailers in North America recently stated, “I believe that we will have about a 90% failure rate when performing sump testing at all of their sites.”

Repairs on an existing structure may require disconnecting pipe, excavating, and replacing the sump equipment. This approach is time consuming and costly. Icon Containment Solutions offers a cost effective line of Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) containment leak repair products.

Icon Containment Solutions offers products ranging from watertight MwayPro Composite Covers to FastFoam and WetWeld, which stop active water leaks for a temporary water block that allows a permanent repair to be made. Their SplitRepair Compression Fittings are effective on all manufactured designs of sump entry fittings, pipe, and sump combinations.

Watch this YouTube video to see their FastFoam in action.

Benny the Bee Has Been Busy

Beneficial Systems has Benny the Bee working extra hard this year! Benny traveled to local Amelia County schools and delivered school supplies to various classrooms and left sweets for the kids. He was also kind enough to make Teacher Appreciation gifts for Archer Lodge Middle School, located in Clayton, North Carolina! Benny showed his “dabbing” skills as he cheered on elementary and middle school students. The kids had their Standards of Learning Comprehensive Annual Testing, which we know can be stressful for our kids. He danced, “dabbed”, high-fived, and encouraged them to “try HARD, get REST, bee BEST!”

We want to say THANK YOU to Benny the Bee for all that he does for our communities. Please let us know if you have a suggestion for Benny’s next adventure.

Seven Steps to Creating a Happier Workplace

Mary C. Kelly, PhD, CSP, Commander, US Navy (Ret), specializes in business growth through executing leadership development. Beneficial Systems had the honor of hearing her speak at the 2018 PEI Women’s Conference. Here are her tips for creating a happier workplace. Employee development, flexibility and understanding, avoid work burnout, get rid of obstacles, resolve conflict, meaningful work, and being appreciated.

See her full article, along with many other useful articles, here.

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